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The Muppets

The network says Fozzie isn't funny and he's got to go.  As Kermit tries to save Fozzie's job,  his super high-maintenance replacement (Zach Galifianakis) tours the studio, giving Miss Piggy some crazy ideas about how to gain some respect around the crew.



Jonah tries to hide the fact that he works at the store from a business school friend.  Amy prepares to impress a tough teacher in night school.  Meanwhile, Mateo and Garrett help Cheyenne find her keys so she doesn't get fired and Dina patrols the customers to find out if anyone is scamming the store for extra coupons.

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The Office

Sure The Office has been off the air forever, but you know you miss it and want another episode!  When the office workers go on a community outreach assignment to a nursing home, Michael meets his perfect match in the Director of the facility.  Meanwhile, Pam looks up a long lost black sheep relative as Jim convinces Dwight that he's been drugged, making the nursing home a pretty trippy place to be.